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Background Snapshot

Highly visible roles have included Regional Technology Executive and Autodesk’s Global Technical Account Manager, worldwide, for Ford, Visteon, General Motors, Delphi, and Toyota. In those capacities I managed project teams up to 40.

At HOV Services the title was Product Manager.  A Director-level role, I reported directly to the President of a 12,000 person company.  My P&L had a revenue target of $6,100,000 with responsibilities including an operating budget of $2,300,000, including Operations, Program Management, and Development. The team of 25 FTEs included two managers and one director (development).

You need me on your team.


Advancing to the next level requires delivering on today’s challenges while preventing unnecessary distractions from ever happening. You need someone with my experience breadth and knowledge depth.

That experience includes most major functions within the software industry (conventional & SaaS) serving clients in the AEC, Automotive, Transportation, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) markets.

How Do I Work?

My capability spans every major aspect of the software industry, from support to sales; product management to R&D; and even innovation for new products and green-field business development.

“A good team player, always a champion of the customer, liked and trusted by his colleagues. Highly recommended as a member of any team.” ~ Jeff Drust (formerly VP, eBusiness, Autodesk)

I work with my teams, a servant mindset rather than heroic; work to ensure they can succeed, investing where necessary, blocking interference; and, leading by example with strong morale, ethical, and legal values.

How Do I Lead?

I lead first, by thinking and planning; and, manage second by doing. As a mentor and coach, you can find me in the trenches, pulling alongside the team, toward a collective, business-aligned goal.

I manage business models to a P&L whether shrink-wrapped software or cloud and mobile -based software as a service (SaaS).

I have worked in major industries including: Automotive, Manufacturing, Building, and Business Process Outsourcing.

“JT fixes the things most people don’t even want to think about…” Don Strimbu, Sr. Manager, Technology Executive, Autodesk, Inc.

I am a facilitator. I learn by listening, and am comfortable presenting ideas at all levels. I build trust by listening in order to strengthen long-term team and customer relationships.

The Value I Add:

I quickly grasp concepts and the environment for opportunity. My natural instinct focuses on delivering results in both business and technical aspects. I effectively:

-) Resolve challenges and align objectives with corporate goals
-) Approach every objective as a P&L
-) Build teams; set expectations and over-communicate progress
-) Reduce costs and improve efficiency
-) Collaborate with sales and marketing as partners

“JT has done great work for me. He has a knack for finding different solutions to challenging problems. His approach to working on and solving problems is as keen as his efforts implementing solutions. JT would make a great addition to any team!”
Pete Raciti, Operations Manager, Boss Products

When challenges unavoidably become issues  my method is to listen, clarify, and evaluate options with stakeholders. Once a path is selected, we collectively drive to resolution.

I Am Unique:

I frequently see perspectives that others do not. This gives me unique ideas to assemble alternative solutions.

“JT is articulate and a detail/results oriented producer and strategic thinker who understands what it takes to drive business performance to his customers and the corporation.” ~ Sue Stallings, Vice President, HOV Services

Call me! and let’s discuss your objectives and latest challenges. 734 516 0139 or 720 440 2380.

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