RFI/RFQ/RFP Processes

321 Ignite! leads companies in their development, execution, and evaluation processes for Requests for Information, Quotes, and Proposals.

What’s to say? Responding to Requests for Information, Quotes, and Proposals (RFI, RFQ, RFP) is frequently a drudge. Rare is the soul who lives to develop, complete, and evaluate such documents.  Worse, even though they are often necessary, you are often left feeling time has been lost better spent elsewhere.

RFP Nausea JT Pedersen 321 IgniteIf this reflects your views, if the image to the right leaves you nauseous, consider engaging JT and 321 Ignite! llc to help with you RFI/RFQ/RFP processes.  He can help if you are in the software industry or a consumer looking to acquire software or software services.

JT has been responded to nearly 100 such requests, some with gross values exceeding $10,000,000.  He has coordinated response efforts, developed price models, and directly crafted the written responses.

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About JT & 321 Ignite

In the foreground or behind the curtain, JT’s fresh approach eliminates complications with ease and takes business units and companies - like yours - to the next level of success.

If it’s time to launch – or refine - a business unit, dive into a new market, guard against loss, or propel profits, it’s time to call JT.

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