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321 Ignite! provides consulting services based on JT Pedersen’s 20-year experience in the software industry, serving manufacturing, automotive, and business process outsource (BPO) customers.

JT can help you with specific business unit concerns such as Business Process Reengineering, and, Development, Integration & Execution of Inventive Solutions. Strategically, JT also consults on Team Building, Pricing & Licensing models, Joint Venture Assessments, and P&L Development and Management. See a broader list here.

321 Ignite! and JT also consults on change processes.  JT focuses on the 4 Pillars of Change as one methodology to help ensure your success.

The 4 Pillars of Change

Robert Byrne (1930) famously stated, “Everything is in a state of flux, including the status quo.”  Businesses change if only to keep apace of the changing world swirling about them.  Most of that change is incremental over time.  Every once in a while sweeping change is thrust upon every business.  Evolutionary in nature, it can be through conscious action, proactive.  Or, reactive, responding to massive external change.

Every change effort, large or small, is typically gnarly, ugly, and more complicated than originally anticipated.  This simple summary cannot convey the sophistication required by teams in order to be successful.  JT can help.

Regardless of the reason for change, success requires all 4 Pillars of Change be addressed. The 4 Pillars of Change are People, Process, Systems, & Data.  Many change efforts, regardless of how grand they are to be, fail because leaders only address 1, perhaps 2, but almost never all four of the pillars.

 People  |  Process  |  Systems  |  Data

About JT & 321 Ignite

In the foreground or behind the curtain, JT’s fresh approach eliminates complications with ease and takes business units and companies - like yours - to the next level of success.

If it’s time to launch – or refine - a business unit, dive into a new market, guard against loss, or propel profits, it’s time to call JT.

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